Call for Jurors, 2015-2016 Season

The Prix Rideau Awards would like to invite you to apply to be a juror for the upcoming 2015-2016 season before June 15, 2015 at 11:59pm.

The jury composition will change, according to the new rules and regulations which can be found here.

Applications for jurors will be considered for all of the following positions:

  • 5 to 7 professional theatre artists including one anglophile Francophone professional artist (one year terms only);
  • 2 theatre educators, theatre professors, drama teachers or art/theatre critics (1-3 year terms, to be replaced on a rotational basis, 1 each year);
  • 1 member of the public (3 year term, to be replaced on a rotational basis with the preceding category).

Bilingual Francophone members of the Board of Directors will choose the members of the Anglophone jury before the start of the season on July 1st, 2015.

Professional artists, arts educators and critics are invited to submit a CV. Artists should submit any known conflict of interest for the upcoming season’s productions and all applying should also send any known schedule conflicts for the season (travel, etc.)

The member of the public should submit, as well as a CV, a short letter of intent explaining why he or she would like to be considered for a juror position and their experience as a theatre goer (subscriptions purchased, festivals or events attended…) for the last three years.

The Prix Rideau Awards will be responsible for creating a production calendar for the upcoming season before July 1st. Availabilities and conflicts of interest will be considered before the final jury composition.

Please note that productions can be added to the schedule and submitted at least 90 days before the premiere. In these cases, the decision to consider or not the submitted production will depend on availabilities and conflict of interest of the composed jury.

Members of the jury must respect the following conditions, as specified in the new rules and regulations:

  • They must be free to attend at least 70 % of the shows of the season, without personal or professional conflicts of interest and without schedule restrictions;
  • Jurors understand that they must be ready and present to attend productions that are part of the Undercurrents Festival (February 10-20, 2016) and the Ottawa Fringe (June 16-26, 2016);
  • Jurors must declare any and all conflicts of interest when submitting their CVs and as the season progresses if any shows are added after the June 15 deadline;
  • Jurors must agree to be present at deliberations, which will take place after the season and no later than August 15.

Please send your submission to