Dear Ottawa-Gatineau theatre community,

Much has been going on with the Prix Rideau Awards (PRA) since our last message in January.

As such, the Board of Directors and myself thought it important to provide an update in regards to this work and its short and long term consequences.

Some of this information was previously distributed via Porta(i)l and most was announced during the recent AGM, but a little repetition never hurt anyone.


  1. As previously announced, two ad hoc committees, one anglophone, the other francophone, have been working hard to redesign the rules and regulations for awards given ;
  2. A complete first draft of the French language Rules and Regulations has been completed. Meetings have taken place and will continue to take place with various artistic directors for input and validation of certain choices. One more meeting will take place with the ad hoc committee in order to validate recommendations made by various artistic directors before final adoption by the board of directors ;
  3. The anglophone ad hoc committee has met three times and is close to completing a final draft of updated Rules. These Rules and Regulations will be circulated via e-mail for community input. Once comments have been received, a final version will be put to the board of directors for adoption ;
  4. This of course means that rules and regulations will not be the same in both languages, nor will the groups give out the exact same prizes ;
  5. Both sets of Rules and Regulations will be posted on the Web site once adopted by the board of directors.


In early May, a call will be sent out for jurors wishing to help in the evaluation of shows throughout the 2015-2016 season. We would ask interested parties to first consult the updated rules and regulations in order to make sure that they can comply with these rules when judging shows.


  1. Tim Oberholzer has announced that he will be leaving the board of directors when leaving Ottawa for Vancouver. His contribution has been very significant during this period of change and we all wish to say a strong “thank you” for all his hard work;
  2. Charles Champagne has also announced that he will be stepping down as the PRA’s Webmaster. Many, many thanks Charles for all your hard work;
  3. Sarah Migneron will also be stepping down as translator. Mille fois mercis Sarah!


  1. Mícéal Gallagher has agreed to step in as our new Web master : welcome aboard!