Still accepting submissions

Can I still submit for the 2016-17 PRA season ?


Isn’t the june 15th deadline past ?!

Yes, but you can submit your production to the Prix Rideau Awards with 90 days notice before your opening night. Even if we are currently a little shy of 90 days (ie your production is in mid-sept), you can submit your production (although please give us as much notice as possible). The ONLY thing that changes is that we’ll check with the jurors BEFORE we confirm that your submission has been accepted. In 2015-16, all submissions recieved at least 90 days prior to opening night (that were otherwise eligable) were accepted and juried.

So why the June 15th date ?

In mid-june, the PRA create a list of productions that will be juried, so the jurors can plan their year accordingly. This helps to ensure that your show gets seen by as many jurors as possible.

What if I think I’m going to have a show, but not sure we’ll get into Fringe/Undercurrents/TACTICS?

The jury has been given the dates of several of the theatre festivals and series (Undercurrents, TACTICS and Fringe) and has warned the jury to expect shows during those periods.

I’m waiting on a funding grant (or other confirmation)…

As long as you have dates, submit your production and we’ll warn the jury about it. If the funding falls apart, withdraw and we won’t charge you.

So when should I submit ?

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The more notice the jury gets, the higher the chances that jurors can arrange the see your show !

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