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    To submit your production for consideration, please fill out all of the information within this electronic form. Submissions must be received by June 15th the year previous to the season being considered (June 15th 2018 for the upcoming 2018-2019 season, etc.) to guarantee that your show will be evaluated.

    Requests made 90 days before opening night throughout the season will also be considered, but the Prix Rideau Awards cannot guarantee evaluation. This will depend on the availability of a sufficient number of jurors without conflicts of interest with the submitted production.

    Please note: It is important to ensure the accuracy (ie. spelling, exact wording) of the information you provide, as this information will be used in any and all Prix Rideau Awards communications, including press releases, Prix Rideau Awards website, and gala program.

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    In the following section, specify someone to be the primary contact for Prix Rideau Awards. This person will be contacted if we have any questions about your application, and to arrange for the complimentary tickets required by jurors.

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    In the following section, please provide your production information. Be extremely specific: list all of the performance dates (e.g. "May 2-5 @ 9pm and 9-12 @ 8pm with matinees on May 5 and 12 @ 2pm"). All of this information is needed to help schedule jurors.

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    e.g. May 2-5 @ 9pm and 9-12 @ 8pm

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    Please indicate the names of any emerging artists involved in your production. If there are no emerging artists involved, please put n/a. For a definition of emerging artist, please click here.

    Emerging Artists

    In the following section, clarify your status as a professional production. Specify the union under which you are operating, and then specify the agreement in the "Other Details" field. If you are a profit-share or are using some other form of professional agreement, you MUST provide additional detail, and you may be asked to provide backup documentation, such as a copy of the profit-share agreement.

    Perfessional Agreement

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    I have read the Terms & Criteria for submission and attest that all information on this form is accurate and correct. I understand that the information provided here (dates & times, spelling, punctuation, titles) will be used to coordinate juror attendance, and will also appear as written on the Prix Rideau Awards website, in our gala program, in publicity material and on the award certificate in the event of my production winning an award. Furthermore, I agree to providing a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 11 tickets for use by jurors.