Who We Are


To celebrate, encourage and promote French and English locally produced professional theatre work and its artists, through an annual awards gala. The intent of the organization is to foster artistic excellence and to encourage communication between both theatre communities, thereby establishing a greater sense of belonging to a united artistic community and increasing awareness in the community at large.

Awards nominations and the selection of award winners will be made by a committee of peers.

Board of Directors

Lydia Talajic, President (president@prixrideauawards.ca)

Seth Thomson, Treasurer (treasurer@prixrideauawards.ca)

Troy Arsenian, Secretary (secretary@prixrideauawards.ca)

Sa’ad Hassan, Member

Danielle Le Saux Farmer, Member

Maxine Turcotte, Member

Russell Johnston, Member

Barry Karp, Member

Alexis Scott, Member

Past Members

The committee would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following past members:

Jim McNabb

Charlie Harris

Mishka Lavigne

Richard Gélinas

Marie-Eve Fortier

Teri Loretto-Valentik

Tracey Black

Joël Beddows

Pierre Brault

Fanny Collet

Heather Marie Connors

Laurie Fyffe

Patrick Gauthier

Tina Goralski

Chantal Hayman

Angela McInnis

Janet Irwin

Kris Joseph

Annie Lefebvre

Chanda Legroulx

Lisa L’Heureux

Teri Loretto

Margo MacDonald

Tatiana Duneuskaya

Lynn VanCox

Allana Chatterton

Sasha Dominique

Lionel Lehouillier

Kat Wong

Janne Cleveland

Louisa Haché

Judi Pearl

Kelly Rigole

Alix Sideris

Maureen Smith

Chantal Sundaram

Lindsay Tremblay

Yves Turbide

Christie Watson

Tim Oberholzer

Vivian Burns

David Whitley

Kyle Ahluwalia